Additional Services

Access Audrey has additional services to help you unlock your earnings potential and more time to facilitate your professional and personal success, and those of your clients.


Services include:

Hosting – AccessAudrey offers annual hosting at competitive pricing.  Keep all of your files secure and in one place.

Monthly Maintenance – AccessAudrey will back up your website twice a month, as well as keep all of the plugins, versions of WordPress, themes and security updated for a low monthly fee (Please see fees). AccessAudrey also offers on your one year anniversary, a free one-time makeover of your current site using the same theme you have, but possibly enhancing it with additional reformatting, new plugins, and add/edits to keep your website relevant (this service only offered to monthly maintenance clients).

Website Coaching – AccessAudrey has the knowledge, skills and expertise to teach you how to take your online business to a higher level of productivity and success.

Website 101 – AccessAudrey offers tutoring classes on WordPress Website Management to teach you how to take care of your “new baby”….the right way. 

Computer Virus CleanupAccessAudrey can clean computer viruses, trojans, spyware and infected computers as well as teach you what to look for and how to avoid becoming a cyber victim.

Unlock Your Earning Potential – AccessAudrey For All Your Web Needs.

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