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I am the President and Founder of AccessAudrey an “all encompassing” web company with over 30+ years experience in web design/development, automation, e-commerce, and in the administrative field.

Before founding AccessAudrey, I worked in in New York as a legal assistant to the senior partner of one of the most prestigious bankruptcy law firms in NYC. Then I relocated to Florida where I worked office administration/liaison for the Director of Planning District 1 of the State of Florida Department of Transportation with the responsibility for approximately 100 state employees. It was there that I began honing my computer skills. I started doing virtual business work for Thomas Leonard (the father of the coaching profession), as well as became a beta tester for Microsoft.  After opening AccessAudrey, I connected with James Komosinski, the founder of Practice Pay Solutions, an innovative company that provided e-commerce, and online training solutions for clients and honed my e-commerce and marketing skills.

AccessAudrey was born when the people in my life kept asking me for my assistance with their web questions. I was able to walk them through their challenges and help them come up with ways to automate their businesses (and lives) more efficiently.

I have a passion for designing websites, e-commerce, automation, virtual assistance, logos, artwork, branding, newsletters and administration. I use the most updated software to accomplish your goals, and am exceptionally extraordinary in WordPress. I have a long client list that I have helped grow their businesses, and in the interim, they have helped me grow mine.

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