Dr. Willie Jolley

Dr. Willie Jolley "AccessAudrey is a pro at taking a project that is stuck and unexciting and giving it a boost and a fresh new energy. She is not only one of the best technicians in the country on the power of e-commerce, but also a genius at developing and creating web pages that grab the attention of the viewer and make them want to see more! She can help you turn a dreary website into a bright and attractive branding opportunity!"

Dr. Willie Jolley
Award Winning Speaker and Best Selling Author / DR. WILLIE JOLLEY

The Job Paper

The Job Paper Oklahoma City Job EmploymentAudrey created our website several years ago, and has been servicing it since that time. She is always helpful when updates are needed and provides valuable input on our options to improve our site. And she does it all at a very competitive price! In a world that is full of website companies and developers that never come through on their promises, Audrey is the most honest and competent person we have ever used. As an added bonus, she goes above and beyond to make sure things are always operating right!

Phyllis Davis
Owner / The Job Paper

Candy Brown

Candy Brown, Owner, Calico Dragon Bags"After struggling for years with website designers, I finally found Audrey and got my website designed the way I wanted it all along! She is wonderful to work with and is always so efficient, very quick to get new items listed and updates made to my site. I'm so happy to finally have a website designer that I can count on!"

Candy Brown
Founder / Calico Dragon Bags

Deborah Roth

Deborah Roth, Coach, Interfaith Minister of Spirited Living"I've been using the services of AccessAudrey for 18 years now and can honestly say that Audrey has been instrumental in the growth of my coaching business. She sends out my quarterly newsletter, has created two fabulous websites for me, and handles my credit card processing each month, among other things. Her input is always terrific -- business-wise, technically, graphically, you name it. Audrey is reliable, focused, ethical and FUN! Somehow she manages to do all this long-distance, too. If you're looking for professionalism, cheerfulness, and "accessibility" that's unmatched, definitely call AccessAudrey!"

Deborah Roth
Life Design Strategist and Interfaith Minister: Spirited Career/Life Coaching, Relationship Support for Singles and Couples, Unique Wedding Ceremonies & Life Passage Celebrations / Spirited Living

Deborah Brown-Volkman

Deborah Brown-Volkman, CEO, Surpass Your Dreams"Audrey, I would like to thank you for all the amazing work you do for me. My business runs smoothly and my clients love how helpful and courteous you are. Some of the tasks I ask you to do are not easy and are complicated. However, this is never a problem for you. All the work is completed on time and is done impeccably. You are professional, upbeat, and an asset to my organization. I am very glad that I found you."

Deborah Brown-Volkman
Credentialed Coach/Career Development Expert / Surpass Your Dreams

Virtual Assistant Services

In case you are not familiar with the term “Virtual Assistant”, allow me to explain further. In a nutshell, a Virtual Assistant (or “VA”) is an individual who offers their administrative expertise and creative talents to business entrepreneurs who neither have the time nor energy to handle the paperwork of their office. Sometimes Virtual Assistants have preferred practices where they specialize in particular business areas such as medical, legal, entertainment, etc.

Virtual Assistants can or will do just about anything for small businesses that require the experience of a personal assistant, but do not want to pay the overhead expense of hiring full-time or part-time employees. Although the Virtual Assistant profession may seem relatively new to the neighborhood, we have been around for several years. As the world of  technology evolves, so does our profession. It allows us the advantage of working wherever and whenever we choose. There are many organizations that have begun Virtual Assistant employment agencies where they can recommend a Virtual Assistant for you or do screening and say that their Virtual Assistants are “certified”. Personally, I like “word-of-mouth” because  not only do I enjoy working with various types of businesses, but I have been in this field well before it was “discovered” (I’ve been a Virtual Assistant for over 30 years).  I feel that it also shows that my clients are very happy with the results we have achieved as a partnered team.

I offer progressive and intelligent solutions to the growing demand for greater office flexibility, mobility, cost effectiveness and productivity. I handle the day-to-day tedious administrative work of a personal assistant, as well as the professional project management to buffer between you, your clientele or liaison between you and your technical services staff. By utilizing my 30+ years in the administrative field, you get the tasks you need accomplished quickly and accurately. My services enable you to increase profitability while maintaining efficiency. I want to assist you in making your business the best it can be.

Why not spend your time making your business grow to be a success rather than being bogged down with tasks that can be delegated to your own personal Virtual Assistant?

Avoid all of the expenses of a permanent employee; no training, no long-term commitments and no agency fees. As a Virtual Assistant, my services are available to you for a one-time project or on an ongoing administrative basis. You only pay for the time necessary to complete your tasks. Let me customize a personalized service package for your specific needs so your time is spent more productively and successfully by focusing on growing your business.

My expertise includes but is not limited to:

  • Virtual Assistance (Administrative Support)
  • Shopping Carts and Gateways (specialization)
  • Website Design (domain, hosting, e-commerce, website)
  • WordPress Extrordinaire (let me customize a beautiful theme for your company – then show you how to manage it)
  • Project Management (liaison between layman and techinical staff)
  • Brandings/Graphic Designs, Banners, Logos, Promotional Handouts
  • Create/Design/Edit E-Book or Hardcover books
  • TeleConference/TeleSeminar Organizer
  • Handling client billing
  • Database Creation and Maintenance
  • Type/Edit/Proof documents
  • Send out your new client form packages
  • Technical Assistance – specializing in online security (getting rid of those nasty viruses, trojans, and worms)
  • Create/Develop Newsletters
  • Special Projects or one-time projects
  • If you don’t see it listed here, just ask …

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